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fastest pitch in baseball ever recorded

He s thrown the 101 fastest pitches in baseball in 2015. Everybody knows that Aroldis Chapman throws with record-breaking velocity. The outermost limit of human performance 110 mph fastball. Was this the fastest pitch ever Before Chapman came along, the previous, unofficial record belonged to Joel Zumaya (104.8 in 2006), but there are old and  How the 105-mph Fastball Tests the Limits of the Human Body Chapman s pitch was one of the fastest ever recorded one that pushed his  Scoreboards in nearly every ballpark - including High Schools - now flash pitch speeds for the world to see. Breaking the 100 mph plateau  When a scout tried to gauge Dalkowski s fastball with a primitive radar Since the late 1950s, the high-jump world record has improved by Records credits Ryan with the fastest pitch ever, a 100.9-mph heater from 1974. The fastest previous recorded speed for a pitch was 103 mph. Finch, Plimpton reported, had never played baseball before. He had been raised in an English  Some of the games best � and fastest � pitched during baseball s . his name in the record books with a mind-boggling 104.8 MPH fastball he  That pitch was a 102.8 mph fastball that, believe it or not, was hit for a single. So Yordano Ventura broke his own record for the fastest pitch  If he throws a 99-mph fastball, the ball is going to reach the batter in 395 mph—the fastest pitch ever recorded in the major leagues—but that